Why do I run (part II)

Okay, so in reading and reading my previous post I realized it didn't even begin to capture the myriad reasons why I run. So I'm going to keep trying and maybe by the end of this blog, I'll have captured them all. In this Runner's World article, Dean Karnazes (The man who was a very large inspiration and helped me decide to run for Team Healthy Kids in the 2014 NYC Marathon) does an excellent job of describing a main reason I run the marathon... my favorite part, 

... There is no lying to yourself here, the Marathon sees right through excuses, shortcuts, and self-transgressions.

... You remain steadfast, knowing that you did not skimp, that you did not take shortcuts, that every footstep was earned through months of rigorous preparation and hard work.

When discussing my running with others, I will sometimes hear, "Isn't a marathon like 26 miles?!" and I  meet that semi-rhetorical question with, "Point-two. Twenty-six-point-two. You don't get credit if you only do 26."