We did it! $3,108! Thank You!

Initially, I had intended this post to be about the end of my fundraising campaign. But as we are close to race day, I have one very important thing I want to get to first...


You believed that experience and education and activity were critical to healthy lifestyles.
You believed in Action For Healthy Kids and their mission of "Every Kid Healthy."
And you believed in me and supported me through 20 weeks as I trained and fund raised for Team Healthy Kids. 

Thank You. 

Because of you, over $3,100 will go towards helping kids become comfortable and knowledgeable with the healthy choices and active, healthy lifestyles. 

I will be running with about 50,000 other people through New York City on Sunday. If you want to find me, I'll be the one with the giant grin on my face, smiling from ear to ear as I run with each of you. 

Oh, you didn't know?

... Yeah, you're coming with me. While you might not physically be on the course, you and some people you probably know will specifically be in my thoughts during the mile listed next to your name. See below for your assignment. I'll expect you to be in proper running attire.

Mom 1
Loretta Meister 1
Team Healthy Kids 2
Tina Pellegrin 3
Joseph Ciecierega 3
Ed Martin 3
Jon Sussman 3
Kate Interlichia 4
Misty Sutton 4
Rob & Molly Kolb 5
Christine LaHaye 5
Dean Thomas 6
Alaina Somers 6
Rebecca Haskins 6
Jeanette Anne 7
Sandy Looker 7
Pete Harvey 8
Rudy Bistrovich 8
Mike Krauklis 8
Venelin Tchamov 8
Visweshwar Ganesh 9
Dan Knopp 9
John Lathan 9
Dr. Nicole Clemente
(Rochester Chiropractic and Pregnancy)
Sonja Torpey 11
Walter Breidenstein 12
Laura McCurdy 13
Sarah White 13
Mark Wambach 13
Marielle Ziegler 13
Ravi Nareppa 13
Thomas DiPietro 14
Terry Nash 15
Erica & Joe Cino 16
Rick 17
Paul Conner 17
Stacy Page 18
George & Lori Walsh 18
Jamie 18
David Kirby 18
Katie Miller 18
Ed Leva
(Wellington Steele)
Thomson Reuters (Matching Gift) 20
Marco Casale 21
Todd Reynolds 21
Terry Adams 21
Bonnie Maye 21
Kimberly, Cheril & Bill Girdlestone
(and Scotty too!)
Vernon Family 23
Alex Meister 23
Steve Levitsky 24
Steve Chaffee 24
David Justice 25
Chuck Woods 25
Jeff Polk 25
Jeff Hanzlik 25
Summer 26
Liam & Riley 26.1 & 26.2

Live Tracking

Additionally, if you'd like to follow my progress for all the miles (even the ones you aren't required to run), the New York Road Runners site has live runner tracking here.

My bib number is 31276.
The marathon starts at 9:40 (9:10 for elite women)
I'll be starting at 10:05 am

The marathon site also has more details on tracking.

Thank You again.