MedVed 5K to Cure ALS

Date : June 16, 2013 - Father’s Day! Finishing Time : 22:49

What a great race. The course winds around some downtown city streets and ends right at home plate in Frontier Field. I felt really good going into this race. My endurance and muscles during my 10 mile run the previous day felt really awesome and I felt I had greatly improved my overall running since running 28:06 (for 3.5 miles) in the Corporate Challenge. I was aiming for somewhere just under 24:00 for this 5K.

I felt I started pretty fast and was considering letting off a little bit after I hit the first mile at 7:24. I let up a tiny bit, but then noticed that I was still passing lots of people. It occurred to me that these were probably the people that also went out too fast. I wasn’t winded, I just had a suspicion I started too fast. So while I thought it might be smart to let up, I definitely didn’t want to be in a group of people that were fading. I decided to just run at my current pace.

I finished the second mile at 14:40. Oops… the second was faster than the first. But then I figured, “Heck, I can keep up this pace for another mile.”

Yep… I could keep it up for exactly 1 more mile. The last 0.1 of the 3.1 is inside the stadium and runs around the warning track in the outfield. Just outside the stadium, I was at a 7:05 per mile pace. After entering the stadium on the 3rd base side I was under a 6 minute mile… and then, well let’s just say that the outfield is much bigger than it looks.

So to run this 5K, I had to skip my scheduled rest day on my marathon training plan. But I think it was well worth it. Practicing that run-walk strategy during my long run on Saturday left my ‘Run Free Urges’ a little unfulfilled, but I definitely got them taken care of during the race. Also, I got some other valuable training.

During my marathon training, I want to practice all of the other parts of the race that don’t involve running, one of which is the “race day morning preparation.” So my strategy is to have a few race day mornings under my belt before I get to marathon day. My thought is that it would be really unfortunate to get to the marathon and not have my shorts, or to not plan enough time for letting breakfast settle.

Overall, a great race day. Thanks to MedVed and all the volunteers that made it so awesome.