Marathon Training Day 3

Session 3 of 64

Scheduled Workout: 4 miles slow

Actual Workout: 5 miles... umm steady(?)

Weather: 60 degrees, moist but no rain

Another riverwalk run today during work. Went pretty well, with a fairly constant Heart Rate. Ran at an average 8:44 minute mile With a bit of a sprint at the end due to city streets and traffic. Average heart rate was 166.

I had this feeling that my heart rate was a bit too high during these slow runs. They are intended to be fairly easy and in the fat burning zone, but I have had a hard time with how slow I felt I had to go to keep such a low heart rate. So, I did some more research on Heart Rate training. I was tired of the standard old, 220-age formula to find max heart rate. I just didn't feel right. Then I found this runner's world article which broke things down a little bit better for me. Once I got my Working Heart rate, the percentage numbers were a bit more reasonable.

So being the number nerd that I am, I made sure I understand exactly what those numbers are:

214 - (.8 x 34) is max heart rate calculation 186.8 is max heart rate 62 is resting heart rate 186.8 - 62 is calculation for working heart rate 124.8 is working heart rate (124.8 * y%) + 62 = target heart rate for that percentage


So... Here's my chart...