Marathon Training Day 2

Session 2 of 64

Training session #2 was scheduled to be another 4 miles along the riverwalk, but instead became 5. The 4 mile loop isn't quite 4 miles and thus requires running around city blocks doing some ad-libbing to hit 4 miles. I like the idea of doing 5 instead.

Average Pace was just at 9 minutes per mile, but that doesn't exactly tell the whole story. There was very little pacing. Some parts of the run were 7min/mile and some were 9:30/mile and overall just lots of variance. I think the next 15 weeks are really going to be about establishing a consistent pace and getting into a rhythm.

I feel that if I could just lock in at 9:00/mile pace, I could just run and run. But usually what happens is I casually drift from a 9:00 into a 8:40 then 8:15 and suddenly I'm winded and realizing that I'm under and 8 minute mile... thus necessitating a slowdown to something like 9:30 to recover. And of course I am seeing all of this after the fact on my Runkeeper reports. I have used the pacing audio cues and stuff, but getting frequent cues is distracting and getting cues every mile is still a little late.

This week's experiment will be using a variety of cadence applications where my music will be the necessary beats per minute to establish a pace. Now if I only had some rhythm!

... oh... I forgot to mention... I got a bit of the bug and couldn't wait for training day #2, so I snuck in 5 miles on Tuesday in between session 1 and 2. I think that's okay for these early weeks. Right? Sure it is.