Marathon Training Day 1

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I (and my friend Joe... not featured) started training for the Rochester Marathon today. The training program is courtesy of Runkeeper and is 16 weeks long with 4 runs per week.

Weather was fabulous 62 degrees with a nice breeze. I ran with my friend Venelin (who may be guesting on some more training runs, but insists that he is not interested in the marathon)

Today's run was a 4 mile lunchtime affair along the Rochester river walk. The training plan insisted that these 4 miles be slow and easy, so I ran at a 9 minute mile. Even though I am not regularly a trail blazer, 9 minutes definitely felt a little slow... but then again, my average heart rate was 161.

I'm starting this training program either optimistically or naïvely, but I think with some effort and sticking to the schedule, I can run under 4 hours. However, I do have one small concern... I'll need to learn how to eat during the run, that is something I have never had to do. Good thing I have lots of long runs to practice.

I'm also interested in learning a little more about my footwear. Right now, I'm rocking some Saucony Kinvara 3s. I've ran about 100 miles in them so far and really like them, but they are a little big. I just learned that I have been buying shoes a size too large... and also not wide enough. I have been buying bigger shoes to compensate for a narrow toe box. The bigger size never bothered when wearing "athletic shoes"... then I tried some running shoes that fit properly. Now my toes feel like they are splashing around in every single pair of shoes I own! I think wifey is going to get me a fresh new pair of New Balance 10 v2s in a few weeks. So I'll be alternating them. Let's see who wins the bid for race day!