Marathon Training Day 7 - 4 miles

Session 7 of 64

  • Scheduled Workout: 4
  • Actual Workout: 4.93
  • Weather: 72, sunny
  • Location: Downtown Riverwalk

This workout is a prep workout for tomorrow’s long run. The philosophy of this training program is to put back-to-back runs in place of the more common “long-run” that is in most marathon training programs. I like this for a few reasons, one of which is that I am able to do a 3rd run during the week that isn’t too time consuming.

But mostly, I like it because it means that I get to run two days in a row. THAT is probably the best part about the back to backs. I know the Rest Day is very important and I am trying hard to respect the schedule by taking the rest days, but I wanna run dammit! [/rant]

Anyway, today’s run was pretty good. The riverwalk loop is getting a little congested now. There are lots of runners and lots of walkers… and even some wanderers. I think I’ll have to find some other route for future runs. Especially days with intervals.

I managed to keep a reasonable heart rate today. Overall average heart rate was 156 and only a few times did I get up to 165. Average pace was 9:26, but in reality my pacing is still wacky with parts of the run ranging between 6 to 10 minutes per mile. I’m very excited for tomorrow’s 10-miler! I wonder if anyone is equally excited to read about it. Well… me and that one other person out there will just have to wait. But in the meantime, here are some more pretty charts…