Training Day 5 - First Intervals

Session 5 of 64

  • Scheduled Workout: 4 + intervals
  • Actual Workout: 4 + intervals
  • Weather: 70, rain
  • Location: Downtown Riverwalk

The plan for today was to really try to hit that target heart rate. I wanted to stay between 155 and 160, even if it meant 10 minute miles. And it turns out, it sort of meant just that.

I went with the cadence music again and really worked at getting some consistency. It felt okay, but still a little hinky. Maybe I need to dig into my own music library and get songs I really enjoy at the right BPM. That might help me find the beat quicker\easier than new music each time.

Anyway… the run was fairly uneventful. Though the rain on my glasses made me think of putting a rush order on the LASIK surgery that I have tentatively planned for end of year.

The intervals at the end were the interesting part of today. Surprisingly they were not too challenging (with the exception of starting the first one properly.) And I was also quite surprised with how quickly 20 seconds elapsed. After the fact, I was pleased to see that I was able to produce those nice little Heart Rate graphs that you see when reading about interval training…