Training Day 4 - First Long Run

Session 4 of 64

  • Scheduled Workout: 8 miles slow
  • Actual Workout: 11 miles slow-ish
  • Weather: Perfect. 60s, partly cloudy

This was planned to be my last “extra” distance session for a while. I usually run 10–11 miles on the weekend, so I didn’t want to go down in mileage just to go back up next week. So I ran my usual 11 miles.

I ran a different route, I used cadence music from podrunner and I focused on going slow enough to keep my heart in the new ‘fat burning zone’ that I identified after Session 3. I also spent some of the run focusing on engaging my core muscles and having a proper stride.

Well… how’d I do on each….

The cadence music may have helped a little, but I have proved that I have no inherent rhythm as I still struggled to stay at a constant pace.


Average Heart Rate was better at 162, but still a little high.

Core muscles… well, that was quite a surprise. Each time I focused on engaging my core I started to run faster with less effort! The I got concerned about the heart rate and cadence… I must’ve done a pretty good job here because I had some new muscle soreness the next day. Right in my lower abdoment and in my upper thighs. So let’s call that a success.

Looking back up at all that analysis, it seems like I was a complete basket case for the entire run and I spent the whole time fretting about “doing it right”, but honestly it didn’t feel that way. These thoughts would enter my mind and then leave. I really spent a few moments here or there over the course of the 102 minute run.

All the other minutes were spent enjoying the blue sky and putting one foot in front of the other.