It's hard.

The writing. Not the running. The running has been going super awesome. But the writing... well. To say writing has been difficult would be a lie. Because in order for it to be difficult, I would have to be doing it. It is the starting of the doing that is hard. The sitting down, the actual fingers on keyboard. 

Once in the act, with the brain having finally accepted that this is thing we are doing, the words seems to come out okay. But as witnessed by the time in between posts, wrestling the brain and body into submission is the hard part about writing. 

It has been almost 3 months since I last wrote something on this website. During that time, I have ran 228.5 miles. 26.2 of which was the NYC marathon. Other notable miles include just under 20 being a Stage Race covering 3 races in two days and a 21:01 5K PR. There was also a Winter Half Marathon and three Snow Cheap trail races. So yeah, I would have a lot to write about, if I had been writing. I had countless opening paragraphs stream across my brow as I lay in bed or commuted to work. 

But I just couldn't sit at the computer and get started.

I suspect I may moved the boulder a little closer to the edge with this article and maybe now the writing will happen. 

The doing is the thing.

I guess that is no different than running though. When you feel like it has been too long since you've ran and you just don't know how to get started, just get dressed in your running gear. Put your shoes on and take the first step. It'll just happen.