Get in the Team Healthy Kids Raffle before it ends

Three days left to get in the raffle and you won't believe what you can win! (raffle ends 8/17 11:59pm)

Weekends were made for impulse spending. Instead of spending your paycheck on penny candy and pogs, and Pokemon why not donate to Team Healthy Kids. You get to help kids and schools make healthy choices, possibly win fabulous prizes AND even get a bit of a tax deduction at the end of the year.  

Every $20 will get you a chance to win fabulous prizes! (You might even win more than one!)

Right now, one of our Canadian friends is leading the Fabulouser Prize competition with a $50 donation. Congrats and Thank You to Paul Conner. $51 will yank that picture right out from under his toque!

If you can't get into the raffle because you just can't donate by Sunday night, fear not! My fundraising campaign will continue and I'm sure to come up with some other impromptu and vaguely thought-through contests!

And don't forget! The biggest donor gets autographed picture of the Sehgahunda Ice Bath!