Fundraising... The Beginning... Sort of

After deciding to run a marathon for charity, I needed to get to work.

I began my fundraising effort like I do most major tasks in life, which is by immediately focusing something else.

I'm not sure why I do this, I think it is a way to let the new thing settle in and find its place in my brain. 

Conveniently, I just happened to have a trail marathon at the end of May, so I went about my business happily distracted by training for Sehgahunda. After all, I joined Team Healthy Kids in April and the marathon wasn't until November!

As the middle of May arrived, I was muddling my way through the dreaded taper week leading up to Sehgahunda marathon. In other words, I wasn't running enough miles to provide distraction. Additionally, as many runners know, the marathon taper gives the mind plenty of pre-race jitters to think about. So to avoid thinking about my imminent marathon (any Behavioral Therapists seeing a pattern yet?), I found my attention turning back to fundraising. I had a few big items that I knew I had to handle, like getting my website spruced up, setting up my team fundraising page and drafting an initial letter to solicit donations.

So I began drafting a list of action items:

  • get to work on that website.
  • Create that fundraising page.
  • Write that letter.

But first, some more mild procrastination.

Another one of my tendencies is to focus on the itty-bitty details. I needed to visualize the exact daily activity that would help me be successful. I used my extensive mathematics background (e.g. I've watched a lot of BizKids on PBS.) to come up with a metric to measure my progress...

  Dollars to be raised / days until race day = Dollars Per Day (DPD)

Dollars to be raised / days until race day = Dollars Per Day (DPD)

On May 20, there were 167 days until Race Day. $3,000 / 167 = 17.96 DPD. As I had already raised $200 (my own donation. Roughly the entry fee I would've paid if not running on Team Healthy Kids) I was more than 11 days ahead of schedule! Time to put those feet up and relax!

Okay, not really. I had a full schedule of summer races as part of an "experimental" Fleet Feet Sports program called the Golden Bib. For a one-time cost, I was signed up for all the Fleet Feet sponsored races that were run by Yellow Jacket Racing in 2014. There was no fall marathon included in this program, hence I had room in the schedule to sign up for NYC. I thought it would be a great way to cap off a summer of racing. As a bonus, all these races would break up the training monotony. Well... a few weeks after signing up for NYC, SUPRISE!, Fleet Feet announced that they had purchased the Rochester Marathon and it would now be included in the Golden Bib program. There's no way I could turn down a free marathon, so... Two Fall Marathons, Yay!

Two Fall Marathons, oh crap. 

I should go for a run. 

Sehgahunda 2014 in Letchworth State Park. My base training for NYC. 

With that out of the way, time to focus on fundraising... 

I know I joked a lot about procrastination here and there is always a little bit of truth in every joke. However, I also find that it is helpful to ease one's mind into a major undertaking, slowly building up buy-in so that commitment can be 100% when it is finally time to act. 

And that, my friends, ends our Phase 1 and puts us on the brink of Phase 2...