Alternatives to winning the New York City Lottery

Last week was a big week for a lot of runners. New York Road Runners announced the lottery entrants for the 2015 New York City marathon. It's not quite Powerball, but chances of being drawn still aren't a sure thing. 

Finding out in March that you are going to run a race in November may seem like a bit of advanced notice, but for many people, this announcement sets the plan for their entire year of running. A typical marathon training plan is somewhere around 16 - 20 weeks. Since New York City is often the first week in November, that means starting your training somewhere in the middle of May. In addition to training, there is often the administrative tasks of booking travel and lodging. And we haven't even begun talking about what you'll wear on race day or where you'll eat the night before!

And for those not selected, well, they sometimes give up their hope of running NYC for that year. Some adventurous types might risk their emotions once more and enter the lottery for Chicago. But most will decide to enter a local marathon or just wait until next year all together. 

If you are one of the group of runners who didn't get into New York City through a super fast qualifying time or a lottery spot, I'm here to tell you that you can still run through the 5 boroughs of New York City on November 1st? How you say? Well, you can run with an awesome group of people who not only run marathons, but they help kids get active and stay healthy. 

Photo Nov 01, 6 07 38 PM.jpg

I ran New York City marathon last year not as a guaranteed time qualifier or lottery entrants, but as a member of Team Healthy Kids. This excellent charity is committed to raising money and awareness so that all kids have access to healthy food and activities in schools.  They do cool things like give grants to schools for breakfast programs and building playgrounds.

I had a great time running New York City last year and it was made so much richer by meeting up with so many people who were passionate and interested in helping the next generation of kids to be healthy and active. It was also really cool getting to meet Dean Karnazes and chat with him about the big race were going to run together the next day. 

SO if you want to run through the streets of New York City, meet some cool people, learn a little about yourself and help make our schools a little bit healthier, you should check out Team Healthy Kids!

Don't spend any more time fretting about not getting picked in the lottery. Afterall... race day is only 229 days away.