Ankle workout on the Genessee Valley Greenway


Today's planned workout was 8 miles steady. In addition to the mileage, I want to continue to prep for the conditions of the marathon (re: trails) so I did 3 miles roads and 4.5 miles on the Genessee Valley Greenway Trail

The trail is normally dirt and rock with patches of grass through the middle which allows two runners to go side by side at a steady pace. However, the trail belongs mostly to snowmobiles this time of year. 

I wore Newton BoCo ATs augmented with some microspikes. Since I didn't know how deep the snow would be, I also wore a pair of gortex gaiters. (The gaiters will not be making another run with me as they proved to be more annoyance than assistance)

I ran on probably two inches of packed and rutted snow that moved with every push-off.  Prior to taking off in the microspikes, I attempted about 100 yards of the trail with just my Newtons. Easy to say that I wouldn't have made it 5 miles without the spikes. 

The sun was nice and shiny and the temperature was a balmy 18 degrees.