Old Man Winter

Today's workout was intended to be 4 miles slow. Well... I nailed that slow part. Pretty sure I went out at the peak of our snow storm. There might've been maybe 3 inches of snow on the ground, but unfortunately it was on top of super slick frozen-thawed-refrozen ice that made for some occasional slipping despite using Yak Trax. (maybe I'll write about those after a few more runs, but as of now, not too impressed.) 

Visibility was at a premium after turning back north. So I had to look down and follow my footsteps back. The only problem with that is that the snow was coming down so hard, my footsteps were covered up! Thus, lots of stumbling back. If not for my grabbing my visor at the last second and throwing it over my winter hat, the run would've been a bit crazy. 

The bridge facing north crossing over Genesee River heading towards UorR. Luckily (or unluckily), the wind was blowing at my back here.

The bridge facing north crossing over Genesee River heading towards UorR. Luckily (or unluckily), the wind was blowing at my back here.

After just about two miles with the wind at my back and two miles in my face... I had to stop and capture the moment... 


I don't need to run around in circles...

Actually... I find running in circles quite preferable to running on the hamster wheel that is the treadmill. Though it still isn't optimal, there *can be* enough variance in a 1/6 or 1/8 mile track to help a person make it through a medium distance run. Though I have found 6 miles is probably my limit. 

An interesting side-effect of the track running is "accidental speed work." I found that After running 6 laps, I could spice things up by sprinting a lap. So I ended up putting in some speed work (which is not my strong suit.) on a day when I just really intended to be out and running a simple 6 mile easy pace. Hooray for happy accidents. 

As I have about 10-12 speed workouts as part of my marathon training, it's nice to know that one won't kill me. 

Here's a chart...


The little plateau around 37:30 was a little experiment in trying to achieve the fastest cadence/turn-over that I could by shortening my stride and taking quicker steps. Interestingly, while the cadence got to just above 180 steps per minute, it was nowhere close to my spring cadence where I was sprinting and not taking purposefully shorter strides.


Anyways... can't wait 'til the weather breaks. 

Sub-zero temperatures...

... Suck. 

I had to run on a treadmill last night. I've decided I loathe the treadmill. From the artificial breeze of the fan to the artificial scenery of the television. Ugh. And I don't want to get into the details of all the bad metrics provided by the machine. 

All I need is >17F and I'll be right back outdoors. 


Race With Grace

Planning on running the Race with Grace tomorrow. Not going to set any PRs though. This could end up being 10K of slipping, slogging and sliding through the snow. Should be lots of fun.